Products Liability

products liability

Dangerous products are all around us. From defective tires and wheels to unreasonably dangerous automobiles to fire causing space heaters and small appliances, one never knows which products are safe and which ones are not, until after an injury occurs. Once an injury has happened, it is too late.

Injuries caused by defective products are often catastrophic or deadly. Loss of life or limb is all too often the result of a product failure, leaving the victim or family members to wonder what went wrong. Just as often, the truth of what went wrong is hidden or buried in internal corporate documents that most people, including many lawyers simply don’t know how to uncover.

As a Kansas City product liability attorney, Aaron Woods has over 20 years of experience dealing with product liability claims. From tires and wheels, aviation products and construction equipment to cars and consumer products, he has handled cases involving a wide range of dangerous products. His representation in product liability matters has been instrumental in recovering millions of dollars for injury victims and their families.