4 Reasons for Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers

The only thing worse than getting seriously injured is knowing it was someone else’s fault. In many extreme cases, people may seek out financial compensation from those who were responsible for the incident. These are called personal injury claims.

These filings can stem from any number of accidents. That being said, there are a few types of personal injury cases that occur relatively frequently. Here are a few such common claims:

  1. Vehicle accidents: Car accidents account for the most personal injury cases. Just in 2013, there were 3,154 people who died in automobile accidents involving distracted drivers; another 424,000 were seriously injured. If you have been injured in a car crash that wasn’t your fault, you could very well be eligible for compensation.
  2. Medical malpractice: Doctors have a legal obligation to provide competent medical care to patients. When they fail and a patient experiences physical consequences as a result, personal injury lawyers can make a case for medical malpractice.In order to file for these claims, the patient must be able to prove the medical provider in question violated the reasonable standard of care. This is often accomplished by hiring medical experts who are willing to testify to the physician’s negligence. Overall, plaintiffs prevailed in malpractice claims in 21% of verdicts, with another 61% of plaintiffs being favored in their cases.
  3. Products liability: Defective or dangerous products are responsible for thousands of injuries each year. Product liability claims are brought to court by personal injury lawyers against both the manufacturers and distributors of defective products. A product liability injury is not only considered a liability as a result of manufacturing, but also if there were inadequate safety warnings.
  4. Work related injuries: Employers are legally responsible for ensuring a safe work environment. When an employee is injured at work or develops an illness related to the work conditions, a compensation claim can be filed.

If you find yourself the victim of malpractice, a work injury, or one of the people injured in drunk driving related accidents every two minutes, consult a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

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