Woods Law KC Core Values


When the storms of life come, the last thing you need is to be bombarded by insurance companies, bill collectors or investigators. Woods Law KC provides the shelter of representation, so you can focus on your health and getting your life back on track. I will deal with the insurance companies and investigators for you. Often I can even shield you from bill collectors by making case related arrangements with them.


Shelter only affords a degree of protection. You also need a strong advocate to act on your behalf. Woods Law KC will fight for you so you can devote yourself to restoration and readjustment. Getting back on your feet after an injury is difficult enough without having to struggle alone trying to get the compensation you deserve. The strength of my training, experience and determination can be the sword that ensures you are treated fairly.


When, through no fault of your own, you are thrust into an arena where everything is unfamiliar, it helps to know that someone is on your side and they truly care about what you are going through. I recognize that the legal process is not familiar to my clients and that they did not choose to be injured by someone else. I care about my clients and want to make sure they know what to expect at every step of the process. I also care about others, which is why a percentage of every contingency fee I earn is donated to charity.


Guided by what one prominent local attorney deemed “an external moral compass”, I strive to do what is right, not merely expedient. My values direct every decision I make and every piece of advice I give because I believe in truth and justice, right and wrong. If I don’t believe in the justness of your cause, I won’t take your case. If I do take your case, I won’t give you advice that benefits me, but not you. I work hard for the clients I represent, because more is at stake than an individual outcome – the values at the core of our nation, our lives and our faith are on the line.

Woods Law KC, LLC

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