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Here at Woods Law KC, we are proud of our record of success and satisfied clients. Many law firms list verdict or settlement amounts on their sites as if to say, “we can get this kind of result in your case.” Although we could certainly point to large verdicts and settlements and our membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Club as indications of our successful representation of clients, there are several reasons we don’t.

We value our clients’ privacy.  A client’s case belongs to the client and so does the result. We rarely publish information regarding specific cases and never do so without the client’s specific permission. We believe the client should decide who does and doesn’t know about the result of his or her case. It’s not our business to share your business in an effort to generate more business. Your case is not a marketing opportunity – it is deeply personal to you and we do our best to respect that.

Every case is unique and the result in one case rarely has an impact on the next one. We view our cases, and our clients, as unique, important and valuable regardless of the ultimate dollar amount involved. Whether the verdict or settlement amount is large or small, each case has its own value. That “value” in a case is as unique as the client involved. What may seem like a small recovery, might have more significance to that client than the high dollar recovery received by a different client.

We never want a client to think his or her case isn’t important to us because it’s not “high dollar” or won’t make the webpage. Our clients’ cases are important to us for many reasons, none of which involve being able to put numbers on our website. Cases are important because they are opportunities to right wrongs, obtain compensation for harms and losses, and to make our society safer. Those goals are not always reflected in the dollar value assigned to the case.

Large dollar amounts do not necessarily reflect the importance of a case or the quality of the lawyering. Most high dollar cases had high dollar values the moment the victim was injured or killed. While the skilled lawyering we provide is important to maximize a client’s monetary recovery, usually the quality of the client and the injury has a greater influence on the value of the case. Building relationships with quality clients is a success for us, even if the monetary value of the case is small.

A successful outcome cannot always be judged on the monetary value received. I have had many clients over the years who placed greater value on knowing someone cared, being vindicated by a case outcome or simply having their story told, than they did on the money received, even where the recovery was significant. We believe our role is to do all we can to improve your life following an injury or loss. Sometimes that improvement cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Sometimes big changes result from small victories. One thing our clients universally say is that they don’t want what happened to them to happen to anybody else. We believe that if we don’t take on cases with smaller monetary values, in addition to larger ones, the same dangerous people will continue to hurt others until someone is hurt badly enough to result in a larger monetary award. We can’t always prevent the first injury, but even if that first injury is small, we must do what we can to prevent the second. The safety of our community, and our children, may depend on being willing to stand up, even when the harm may seem small from a monetary perspective.

We don’t view our clients merely as dollar signs. Each of our clients has a name, a face, a family. Each loss is tragic and worthy of our attention, whether millions, thousands or hundreds of dollars is at stake.

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