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Woods Law KC is a Kansas City personal injury law firm dedicated to serving clients throughout Missouri and Kansas.
Our representation is guided by the firm’s core values of Strength, Shelter, Compassion and Wisdom.

Welcome to Woods Law KC

Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer

Woods Law KC is a Kansas City personal injury law firm dedicated to serving clients throughout Missouri and Kansas. Woods Law KC attorney Aaron Woods has been representing injured people for over 20 years across Missouri, Kansas and the nation. Serving clients in cases ranging from the simplest slip and fall or car wreck case to complex medical malpractice, products liability and wrongful death cases, he has obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. His success has been recognized by his peers as he has been given Martindale Hubbell’s highest possible rating of AV Preeminent.* Put his experience to work for you.

Woods Law KC is available to answer your legal questions. Call 816-525-0665 or 913-438-4800 for a free initial consultation. Aaron can help with the questions you may have about how the law protects you and how to deal with an insurance company after a personal injury accident.

Principled Representation

Everything that happens at Woods Law KC is guided by the firm’s core values of Strength, Shelter, Compassion and Wisdom. Nothing just happens here. Each piece of advice, counsel and direction I give has been run through the filter of these principles. If an action does not strengthen our position, shelter you from harm, comfort you or serve your best interests, I will not take it. On the other hand, I will do all I can to represent you from a position of strength, to protect you from unreasonable insurance companies and creditors, to care about you and invest in your well-being and to bring the wisdom gained through experience to bear on your behalf.

Fighting for Justice, Caring for People

I understand that the aftermath of a personal injury can be overwhelming. You are in pain and trying to get better, but you are worried about your car, your missed time from work and those mounting medical bills. Dealing with all of that and the insurance companies can take more effort and energy than you have. It all seems hopeless. Woods Law KC is here to restore hope.

I cover the details so you can focus on getting better. Dealing with insurance companies can be a tricky business. You may have already been contacted about your injury. Rest assured that the insurance company is looking out for its own interests, not yours. Insurance companies are sophisticated and have teams of attorneys, adjusters, medical advisors and others working to benefit them. Don’t make the mistake of dealing with them alone. Contact Woods Law KC to make sure you are protected.

I fight for justice on your behalf. I deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to. I work hard to get your medical bills paid, help you get paid for the time you have missed from work and to make sure you are fully compensated for all of the harms and losses caused by your injury. If we cannot accomplish that through settlement, I will take the fight to the insurance company by filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

Although I believe in fighting for the maximum recovery in every case and I enjoy going to trial, I recognize that my zeal must be tempered by the realities of your situation. That is why in virtually every case the possibility of an out of court settlement is fully explored before I file a law suit. If I can get a fair recovery for you without you having to endure the delays and frustrations of a lawsuit, it is in your best interest to do so.

Making the Choice

There are many fine lawyers in the Kansas City area. Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision that should never be taken lightly. Some people might retain a lawyer they have never met. Some might think the best personal injury lawyer to handle their claim is the one with the best TV commercials or radio ads.

You should meet with your attorney in person before hiring him or her to represent you. You should be comfortable with your attorney and feel confident that he or she is the right fit for you. You should have no doubt that the attorney will be working for YOUR best interest. Your future is too important to be left to chance. You need to work with an attorney you trust.

At Woods Law KC, there are no surprises. At our first meeting, you will be advised of what to expect at each stage of the case. Every step of the way you will be involved in the process and know what is going on. If you have questions, I will be available to answer them – you won’t be passed off to a low level associate or paralegal with your concerns. We are in this together. I know that your case, big or small, is the most important one you have and you will call the shots at every important juncture.

The information on this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Because each case is different, only a qualified attorney advising you based upon the specifics of your situation can give sound legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is created by reviewing this site or contacting us. No action will be taken on your behalf unless, or until, an agreement to do so is signed. Read more.